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Donivan Halstead is my firstborn son. He enjoys gaming (completely out of character at his age!) playing the trumpet in Jazz Band and of course above all else... hunting with friends and family. He has been deer hunting for couple years now and is all about still hunting, kicking through woods and swamps. He's a good shot with both long arms and pistols.  He is most passionate about pistols and his safety/shooting skills prove it. His favorite hunt was with his grampa this year.  I too enjoy hunting with his grampa.  Always have and always will.  In the summer he's a regular at the store, stop in and say hello. He loves to meet new people and learn new things!  

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Donvan Shooting.jpg

My youngest daughter Allayna dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian.  Thanks, Matt Zimmerman! 
This girl has a passion for animals.  So far we've delivered 7 baby kittens by age 8, helped deliver and nurse  6 puppies. She currently has a White and Brendel Boxer, one Brendel Boxador, a bunny named Blue and a cat named Bella. A couple of British Whites. Thanks, Matt!
We had chickens... thanks, Matt!

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My eldest daughter Brianna is 27 and works for a family dental practice in the Twin Cities for 6 years. She went to her first 2 years of college in Brainerd and finished up in St.Cloud. She's a  bit of a health nut and runs marathons for fun. She enjoys traveling and has been to Mexico, Hawaii, New York, and the list goes on.  By the age of 10 she was already shooting .40 caliber handguns and by age 12 sitting in a deer stand with her father.  She enjoys the outdoors when its warm and has a Golden Doodle named Addie. If you want to know more stop by the store and meet her father.  He will gladly give you an application to see if you qualify!

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My wife and best friend of 23 years.  Jan Halstead (DeCent) hails from Crosby Minnesota.  She is 3rd Generation and an Iron Ore Miners Grand Daughter!  Say that five times fast! Luckily for me, she has three brothers that much enjoy hunting, fishing and the great outdoors.  Imagine growing up with trout ponds and great walleye lakes in such abundance! Like a duck to water, this lovely lady takes to being outdoors.  She cooks a mean fish hash and loves to cook as well as eat everything from pheasant to venison. What more can a man ask for?

And yes.. admittedly; she is a better shot than I.

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